Monique suffered a horrible fall and now uses Pets Love CBD Bacon Flavor and feels all better and loves the taste!


“Thank you for the incredible product that has been nothing short of a life saving miracle for both my husband and me. Thank you for making us all feel great! I am telling all my friends about you.”


 Frances suffers from injuries to her foot, back, knee and also has horrible headaches due to working as a nurse and her husband is disabled due to back, shoulder and knee injuries sustained while working as a physical therapist. They have been using and have seen vast improvements.


Kiki the Chihauhau, being used as a pillow by her best friend/brother Jack, uses Pets Love CBD for her leg and now she runs all around the house chasing after Jack.


It reminds me not of “getting high,” but feels closer to the effects of Valium. My mind is still clear because it’s not psychoactive, just relaxing.


Good product at fair prices. I’ll be ordering from you monthly.


Perfect with wonderful quality. No complaints at all and thank you very much for making the purchase very pleasant.


I have sleep apnea and the cpap machine sometimes wakes me up. The tea helps me stay asleep.


I put it in a tea bag and add coconut oil, vanilla, honey, dash of cinnamon, product and let brew for about 30 minutes then set for another 30 minutes on warm. And add a dash of Splenda or stevia and drink.