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WOW! Organic Relaxing Hemp Tea (2Kg)

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This is PURE Hemp Tea. Not a mix nor infused. The hemp is from the US and is grown naturally. This hemp grows in an environment surrounded by nature with clean air in the area where there are no factories and highways far and wide. Proof of this is the growth of Fruticose lichen in the area, which is a natural indicator of clean air.

  • 1 Bag Of Organic Relaxing Pure Hemp Tea (2Kg)


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This Includes

  • 1 Bag Of Organic Relaxing Pure Hemp Tea (2Kg)

This is PURE Hemp Tea. Not a mix nor infused. 

Our new product is Extremely High quality, exceptional taste with a hint of cherrydomestically grow in the US, 0% THC, with no cannabis

This Hemp tea is very strong. We recommend using 1/2 a gram per 12 oz hot water.



  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Boosts immune and nervous system
  • Antioxidant
  • Helps with sleep disorders
  • Promotes glucose intolerance

Ethically Crafted
Never Tested On Animals
100% Legal In The U.S. And In 40 Countries

Hemp is grown naturally. It grows in an environment surrounded by forests with clean air in the area where are no factories and highways far and wide. Proof of this is the growth of Fruticose lichen in the area, which is a natural indicator of clean air.

The tea affects beneficently anti-stress, relieves pain, helps to ease related problems with asthma, against indigestion, reduces weight. Tea is prepared like any other tea.


Industrial hemp (from Old English hænep), typically found in the northern hemisphere, is a variety of the sativa plant species that is grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products. It is one of the fastest growing plants and was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber 10,000 years ago.  It can be refined into a variety of commercial items including hemp protein, cereal, and tea.



Holistic Remedies

There are many benefits of Hemp that are continually being discovered

Our Story: Since 1997 from a dream to reality…

With society growing increasingly aware of the negative effects from many pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs, there has been an increasing demand for our products because they are all natural, 100% legal, non-GMO, solvent free and packed with the miracle compound Hemp. Many of our returning customers take the time to give us positive feedback, because they become familiar with our standard of quality and the effectiveness of our product. Because the application of Hemp for medicinal purposes is fairly new, we are continually discovering new ways to expand our product line

What Makes Us Different

We have a background in holistic nutrition and 30 years of experience making skin care products. we have recognized and witnessed the increasing benefits of the natural compound Hemp. We have perfected our recipe by using it ourselves along with family and friends and firmly believe in our product.

Preparation and use

The loose leaf tea should be steeped in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. As a lot of the beneficial substances in hemp are fat-soluble rather than water-soluble, we recommend adding a source of fat to the tea, such as milk, butter, olive oil, coconut oil etc. The taste is mild, allowing the possibility to mix the tea with others and creating many more delicious and healthy tea combinations.

Organic Hemp Tea: Taste

Hemp tea has a very gentle taste. It definitely tastes like herbal tea. If you were to buy this for someone unfamiliar with Organic Hemp Tea they’d never suspect what it was.

There is a slightly bitter, metallic sting at the back of the throat as an after taste, but I put this down to the excessive steeping time.

Organic Hemp Tea: Effects

It is reminiscent of the feeling after a cup of green tea, where your belly feels warm and mind feels calm.

Nutritional info

Hemp has incredible nutritional value, helping with many common ailments. It has, however, a higher content of the medicinal alternative substances which our bodies also produce and are important to the health of our system, which deals with various cognitive and physical processes. Industrial hemp contains many other beneficial substances, such as: a wide range of essential amino acids, the right proportion of omega fatty acids, it is rich in protein and fibre, vitamins and minerals, it is low in starches and sugars and has anti-inflammatory properties. All this makes it useful to increase energy, lower anxiety, relax the muscles, lower blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, boost the immune system, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, promote brain health, and aid in weight loss.

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