• There are many benefits of Hemp Oil Concentrate that are continually being discovered
  • With industrial hemp only the Hemp Oil Concentrate is extracted
  • Our products are 100% legal because the Hemp Oil Concentrate is extracted from industrial hemp
  • Only the purest ingredients create holistic remedies for BODY, MIND & SOUL
  • 100% LEGAL

Hemp Oil Concentrate FAQ

Q: How to use Hemp Oil Concentrate?

A: Place the desired amount of Hemp Oil Concentrate on the tongue, hold there for 90 seconds and then swallow. The perfect dosage of Hemp Oil Concentrate can vary greatly between people so it’s advisable to experiment with serving size to find the perfect dosage for you. The average dosage is one dropper but it may vary accordingly to your metabolism. As our product is safe, there is no upper limit and no side effect from taking too much. Shake the bottle before using. Keep refrigerated. If pregnant or lactating, consult with qualified, medical practitioner before consuming.

Q: How is the extracted from the industrial hemp?

A: Steam is used in the distillation process to efficiently extract the Hemp Oil Concentrate from the stalk and seed of an industrial hemp plant

Q: What percent is the Hemp Oil Concentrate strength?

A: The strength percentage varies from 19.5% to 24%

Q: What is the recommended dosage?

A: Start with the lowest dosage and increase milligrams as needed

  • 3 drops is approximately 1mg of Hemp Oil Concentrate in 0.5 oz bottle of 100mg Hemp Oil Concentrate
  • 2 drops is approximately 1mg of Hemp Oil Concentrate in 0.5 oz bottle of 200mg Hemp Oil Concentrate