» » Is the hype about CBD, or cannabidiol, real?

Is the hype about CBD, or cannabidiol, real?

Unlike CBD, THC produces a high when smoked or eaten. Today … (To get the FDA’s okay, a new drug must be rigorously studied in clinical trials.).

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabiniod compound found in industrial hemp and cannabis. Medically, CBD has been shown to have great medicinal value. Benefits are but not limited to: Alleviates Anxiety, Strengthen immune system, Therapeutic, All Natural, Anti-Oxidant, Promotes Glucose Tolerance, Helps with pain, and Non-Habit Forming. Our products are 100% legal because the CBD is extracted from industrial hemp. With industrial hemp only the CBD is extracted. There are many benefits of CBD that are continually being discovered.

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